A sea change is underway. The old constraints are fading, while a bold new vision unfolds. The Data Lake represents more than another type of information reservoir. It embodies a fundamental change in the data management industry itself. Tools, technologies, practices and people — all must change with the times to survive.

This interactive research report will explore the depths of this dramatic transformation, and provide guidance for vendors, consultants and end users. Through a series of interviews, social engagements, surveys and tech lab sessions, The Bloor Group will unearth the raw materials necessary to compile a comprehensive survival kit.

Exploratory Webcast  Chief Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield will play cartographer as they map out their assessment of how and why the information landscape is changing. WEBCAST | SLIDES

Enterprise Interviews  The Bloor Group will interview senior executives, data scientists and leading business professionals to gain a deep understanding of how companies can plan and develop their Data Lake.

Roundtable Webcast  Sponsoring vendors will take part in a lightning round Webcast with CEO Eric Kavanagh, offering their take on the tools that tomorrow’s workers will need to tackle the Big Data challenge. WEBCAST

White Paper  A 15-page written report will complement the Webcasts, weaving together key findings of the research process. A centerpiece of the report will be a map of an archetypal Data Lake, including representation of the tools, techniques, roles and responsibilities involved. WHITE PAPER

Findings Webcast  Bloor and Blanchfield will each present their respective discoveries, together painting a picture of how companies can leverage a Data Lake to solve their current and future information management needs. WEBCAST

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