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Live Webcast — Big Data Enabled: How YARN Changes the Game

The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor and RedPoint Global

Context is king in the realm of Big Data. With enough perspective on a customer or prospect, organizations can fine-tune their offerings in game-changing ways. Today’s cutting-edge companies are viewing their customers within the context of a decade or more of interactions, and across multiple channels. How so? Real-time integration with social media and other customer channels can now result in actionable insights with serious potential.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, as he describes the changing landscape of data flow, and how that impacts enterprise responsiveness. He’ll be briefed by George Corugedo of RedPoint Global, who will explain how companies are leveraging Hadoop’s YARN architecture to deliver a whole new array of highly responsive, data-driven enterprise applications. He’ll demonstrate how RedPoint’s platform running inside Hadoop can enable a wide range of both real-time and strategic data management functionality, all of which can be applied to any number of critical business processes.

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