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Cool Data Viz: BIME Analytics 3

It seems that there is only one answer for this: winning. But for a Major League Baseball team, performance is much more than that. Winning is just a part of it. Marketing, advertising, media revenues, all contribute to a team’s idea of performance. And winning in itself is not only about the spectacular home runs but also about the efficiency of transforming more hits into runs or how a team can reduce the number of strikeouts and increase its hits.

Winning – and not the devil – is in the data (going far beyond details). And this is why the BIME team has set itself the quest to discover the apparent secrets (not anymore) of success in the Major League of Baseball. And, in the meantime, reveal how the KC Royals made the playoffs. Our first hunch as fans was the play of our star’s – Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez. But as data scientists, we discovered that is much more than that: starting from their amazing batting average, we started to dig into the data analytics of the team’s performance and we created…the ultimate MLB dashboard.

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