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Big Data & SQL: The On-Ramp to Hadoop

Hadoop has emerged as a chief solution for big data challenges, and businesses are eager to capture the potential value from the vast pools of newly available information assets. But when the data lake is comprised of semi-structured data – click stream logs, sensor data, text files – it can make access and performance a bit more difficult to achieve. One way to clear the hurdle is by using an analytic platform, specifically one that has been designed to enable exploration of Hadoop data using standard SQL queries.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear from veteran Analyst Robin Bloor as he explains the role big data plays in enterprise analytics. He’ll be briefed by Jeff Healey and Eamon O’Neill of HP Vertica, who will tout their company’s Flex Zone, a new component of its Analytics Platform. They will discuss how Flex Zone empowers data scientists and business analysts by tapping into Hadoop via SQL, providing a one stop shop for real-time analytics on massive volumes of data.

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