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Trends in Predictive Analytics

Eckerson Group defines predictive analytics as the use of statistical or machine-learning models to discover patterns and relationships in data that can help businesspeople predict future behavior or activity. Also known as advanced analytics, data mining or knowledge discovery, predictive analytics involves: 1. Creating models using data that represent past business activity. 2. Applying these …Read More

Prospects for Cloud BI

Although companies have enthusiastically embraced the cloud for many types of operational applications, such as sales and customer management (think, they have been less inclined to implement business intelligence (BI) in the cloud. Why the reluctance? BI holds the keys to corporate data, and many companies don’t want that data to pass beyond the …Read More

Understanding Analytical Databases

There have been two phases in the evolution of relational systems for processing big data. Twenty years ago, companies that wanted to consolidate data for reporting and analysis implemented a relational database. As organizations added more data and users to these systems, they hit the wall in terms of scalability and performance. So a decade …Read More

The Promise of Self-Service BI

Vision. Self-service has been an elusive goal for BI professionals for more than a decade. The idea is simple: empower users to build their own reports and dashboards so they get the information they want, when they want it and how they want it displayed. Self-service BI removes IT professionals as intermediaries between business users …Read More

Two Types of Self-Service

One reason self-service business intelligence (BI) has been so elusive is that most vendors and BI professionals don’t realize that there are two types of self-service BI they must support: one for information consumers and another for information producers. Click Here to watch Wayne’s Briefing with Citrix BI Director Kevin Sonsky on best practices for …Read More