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Choosing a Route to the Cloud

Enterprise focus on Cloud computing is evolving fast. Overall Cloud adoption is growing, and early concerns over control and Cloud capabilities have given way to more meaningful business discussions centered on strategy and deployment. Early Cloud adaptors have proven that Cloud is a viable technology that can deliver faster implementations, easier and less costly scalability, …Read More

Innovation Breeds Complexity

The business intelligence and analytics space is in the midst of a new era of innovation and opportunity. Earlier this year I wrote an article posted on Inside Analysis titled “Wave of Analytic Innovation.” At its core, I explored how sophisticated users, quickly evolving technology, lower costs and new data are driving change within our …Read More

A Wave of Analytic Innovation

A wave of innovation is sweeping across the enterprise data landscape, causing data management purists to sit up and take notice. For nearly two decades most of us have planned, built, maintained and defended the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The EDW has played a critical role in how we serve our businesses with information and, …Read More