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Businesses Need to Power Up to Fuel Analytical Needs

It’s the story that won’t die. Businesspeople are still encountering incomplete and inconsistent data despite the fact that businesses are spending billions of dollars on business intelligence (BI), data integration, data warehousing (DW), and master data management (MDM) systems, and this is on top of what they’re spending on enterprise applications, application integration, and data …Read More

The State of Data and Analytics

The good news is that enterprises have recognized the significant business value of analyzing the surging amount of information and then acting upon that analysis. The bad news is that many enterprises have become overwhelmed by the information deluge and either cannot effectively analyze it or cannot get current enough information to act upon. Watch Fred …Read More

MDM Goes Beyond the Data Warehouse

Author Rick Sherman chatted with Vincent Lam of Information Builders about the nexus of data and process with MDM. View the archived web event here. Enterprises are awash with data from customers, suppliers, employees and their operational systems. Most enterprises have data warehousing (DW) or business intelligence (BI) programs, which sometimes have been operating for …Read More