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Culture and Communication

by Donald Farmer, TreeHive Strategy Many companies I meet with, whether in the technology space or not, talk about being data-driven: they either want to be or think they already are. It’s a vague sentiment, but they primarily mean that their processes should be informed by data and that the analysis of that data is …Read More

EDXL in Emergency Healthcare Data Exchange: Saving Precious Seconds in the ‘Golden Hour’

By Rex Brooks The Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) from the Emergency Management Technical Committee (EM TC) of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) can play a critical role in making the most of the ‘Golden Hour’ for patients injured in emergency situations. The ‘Golden Hour’— also known as golden time  — refers …Read More

The Balance Of Power: Self-Service And IT

by Donald Farmer Simple truths are often the most unexpected. Here’s an observation which, to me at least, is straightforward but still surprising: today, business users have access to better technology than IT. Don’t blame IT! They are constrained by budgets, the depreciation of capital purchases, the need to serve a broad range of users, …Read More