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A Practitioner’s Guide to Data Science

It’s a known fact that data science can reveal valuable insights for business. In this guide, The Bloor Group will cover the latest developments that data science practitioners need to know when setting out to build a first-class data science organization.

First, Bloor Group Senior Analyst Evren Cakir will examine practical techniques and methods, core skills, and processes in use by today’s developers, data scientists, and systems architects.

Next, he will scrutinize the latest tools, technologies, platforms, and vendor solutions for data engineering, information science, machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics, and statistics. These technologies enable highly optimized data science workflows and produce actionable knowledge and valuable insights. Evren will delve into new and upcoming features that save time and help manage cost.

Finally, this paper will lead the reader through the data science ecosystem to better understand the implementation of end-to-end data-to-knowledge cycles.

To set up a briefing and be considered for inclusion in this report, please send an email request and suggest a few times. We’ll need one hour, and prefer to have technically savvy sales engineers or CTOs deliver the briefing.

Sponsor Opportunities:
Sponsorship is not required to be included in this program. However, sponsor packages are available to give vendors valuable content, branding, awareness, and marketing-qualified leads. The Bloor Group has several unique avenues for research and media exposure, including:
1) the only coast-to-coast radio shows about analytics and the information economy: DM Radio and InsideAnalysis, both of which are in 26 US markets, reaching 1 million listeners per episode
2) a curated email database of more than 40,000 data and IT professionals, built from the ground up since 1999 by co-founder and chief analyst, @Eric_Kavanagh
3) a strong social media presence with over 100,000 Twitter followers, and some 20,000 LinkedIn connections, many of which are steeped in the data science industry
4) time-tested Webinar programs such as The Briefing Room, now in its 10th year, which has featured more than 100 of the most innovative vendors in the world of analytics and big data
5) a deeply creative team of analysts and marketers who are open-minded and easy to work with, and will collaborate with you to create custom packages that offer targeted impact

Platinum: $20,000, includes premier report sponsorship, a custom 4-page paper detailing the vendor solution’s strengths, as well as a custom radio show, social campaign, and short blog
Gold: $10,000, includes report sponsorship, a 2-page paper detailing the vendor’s solution, a custom radio show, and a social campaign or a blog
Custom: Any combination of products and services for an agreed-upon price

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