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The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor and HPE Security

Into the Breach: A Careful Roadmap for IoT

The possibilities may be endless, but so are the threats. A connected world with the Internet of Things opens all kinds of doors, which means forward-looking companies are carefully planning their roadmaps now. How can so much data be captured, analyzed and leveraged effectively? Safely?

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor explain why the Internet of Things requires careful consideration. He’ll be briefed by Jay Irwin of Teradata and Reiner Kappenberger of HPE Security, who will demonstrate how their technologies can combine to enable the power of IoT, while ensuring the integrity of information systems.


The Briefing Room with Mark Madsen and Teradata

Analytics for Everyone: The Rise of Business-Friendly Solutions

The value of analytics only emerges when the business benefits. Achieving quality analysis is hard enough, but translating those insights into tangible process change? That requires integration with operational systems. Many of today’s solutions achieve that connection by embedding algorithms within existing enterprise applications. This enables non-technical business professionals to leverage analytics in their day-to-day operations.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Mark Madsen explain many of the ways that analytics can benefit business processes. He’ll be briefed by Sri Raghavan of Teradata who will showcase his company’s advanced analytics solution, Aster Analytics. He’ll discuss app-driven interfaces that allow users to address very specific use cases. He’ll also explain how Aster can now be deployed directly on top of Hadoop, thus simplifying the analytic architecture.




The Briefing Room with Mark Madsen and SAP

Standing at the Edge: Streaming Analytics in Action

The disruptive force of the Internet of Things presents a new breed of opportunity. Tracking sensor and machine data can deliver considerable insight, but it can also generate the type of intelligence that will transform decision making and business operations. To achieve this, organizations must create an architecture that collects, analyzes and responds to events as they happen.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Mark Madsen as he extols the virtues and challenges of analytics at the edge. He’ll be briefed by Neil McGovern, Senior Director of Marketing of SAP, who will showcase his company’s HANA Smart Data Streaming, a solution designed for reliable streaming data capture and real-time analytics. He’ll be joined by Tim McConnell, Developer Architect of SAP who will provide a demo showing how the platform can perform complex event processing and monitoring over the Internet of Things.


The Briefing Room with Rick Sherman and ERwin 

By Definition: A Model-Driven Approach for Data Governance

The heart and soul of governance boils down to a desire for clarity and certainty. When information processes are clearly defined, and data elements understood, the business can see what’s happening. That enables educated guesses for what to do next. But as every organization discovers sooner or later, effective data governance is a tough nut to crack, and for many reasons: diversity of systems, poor documentation, semantic variety, just to name a few.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Rick Sherman explain his vision of a solid model-driven approach to data governance. He’ll be briefed by Danny Sandwell, Director of Product Marketing at ERwin, who will demonstrate how ERwin Modeling provides an effective strategy for achieving quality data governance. He’ll also explain how his company’s platform accelerates the adoption of new models by using derived corporate standards and provides guardrails for new models by ensuring alignment with standards. In addition, he will discuss the value of using an ontology, and storing models in a central repository.




The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor and Novetta 

Going Above & Beyond -- How Entity Analytics Builds the Big Picture

Traditional business intelligence solutions focused on aggregating and analyzing records, but today’s data-driven world requires a much more holistic approach. With the advent of Hadoop and other big data systems, companies can now see the big picture by weaving together historical data with all manner of new, relevant data sets. The key to success is having a platform and framework for incrementally mixing and matching appropriate information systems.

Watch this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor explain why entity analytics can provide deeper insights across a wide range of data sets. He’ll be briefed by Scott Nichols, Product Manager at Novetta, who will showcase his company’s solution for entity analytics. He’ll explain how built-in relationship matching strategies allow users to quickly detect simple and complex networks and relationships among and within entities across all data sets.



The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor and Blazegraph 

Life in the Fast Lane: The Power of Large-Scale Graphs

When it comes to data, the more the better. There are endless datasets, both inside and outside of the organization, that can prove useful. Linking those bits of information can reveal hidden relationships and yield tremendous insights. And when married to an environment that’s optimized for fast parallel processing, that can mean instant analytics.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Robin Bloor as he discusses how graph technology has moved from being a niche solution to solving enterprise-grade challenges. He’ll be briefed by Brad Bebee of Blazegraph, who will highlight two of his company’s new products: Blazegraph GPU and Blazegraph DASL. He will show how GPU acceleration is an ideal complement to Hadoop/Spark environments, and he’ll demonstrate how DASL greatly simplifies life for developers.




The Briefing Room with Dez Blanchfield and Alation 

The Modern Data Catalog: A High-Definition View

As expert suppliers of data, IT teams have traditionally created data inventories to track the source, quality & governance of enterprise data. But how does this process change as data becomes a business utility rather than an IT asset? Hadoop has lowered costs for storage and analysis, while tools for self-service data visualization have democratized data access. Data scientists are the new data experts. Where does this leave IT?

Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing are enabling smart systems that extend data inventories into intelligent data catalogs. These systems encourage broad-based data consumption and provide a framework for intelligent interventions. Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield explain why strategically cataloging data is finally possible. He’ll be briefed Satyen Sangani, CEO of Alation, who will show how the Alation Data Catalog is designed for human-machine collaboration that increases the consumption of data while ensuring accuracy, transparency & trust in data.



The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor and Paxata 

Reinvention: The Modern Data-to-Insight Pipeline

Getting data ready for use, whether for self-service analytics, building data products or any other data use case, shouldn’t be hard. Yet, traditional tools and processes require an overwhelming amount of time (and resourcing) to get through the murky realm between raw data and usable information. Ideally, the preparation process should be as fluid and interactive as possible, allowing everyone who needs information to access, clean, organize and transform data as quickly as they need it and with the context that makes sense for their use case.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he explains how data prep automation can drive faster enterprise decisions. He’ll be briefed by Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Chief Product Officer of Paxata, who will discuss how his company’s approach to data preparation provides a scalable, connected information platform that eliminates the manual processes and risks which plague the traditional data management pipeline. He’ll explain how machine learning, distributed computing, Cloud and user experience innovations allow us to completely reinvent the middle layer for a modern data-to-insight pipeline.



The Briefing Room with Dez Blanchfield and Trifacta 

Prepare and Share: The Advantages of Self-Service Data Prep

TData comes in all shapes and sizes. The key is to bring divergent data structures together in a way that facilitates analysis of the big picture. Ideally, the process of getting that done is neither time-intensive nor tedious. When analysts and data scientists can spend their valuable time on turning information assets into insights – instead of wrangling data – the enterprise wins.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield as he explains why organizations that take data preparation seriously gain significant competitive advantage. He’ll be briefed by Wei Zheng, VP of Products at Trifacta, who will showcase her company’s self-service data preparation approach. She’ll show how a broad range of users can benefit from the ability to explore and manipulate data of all types and structures, without relying on IT.



The Briefing Room with Dez Blanchfield and RedPoint Global 

On Point -- How Today’s Leaders Solve the Data Preparation Challenge

There’s a sea change underway in the world of data, and the companies that understand what’s happening are leapfrogging over their competition. Today’s emphasis on data analytics is raising awareness of the importance of precision and agility in manipulating data. But in trying to achieve that goal at the scale and speed demanded, data scientists and analysts are getting more bogged down with data manipulation. How can you help your organization meet its needs for accurate and fast insights while maximizing analyst productivity?

Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield will explain how the ever-expanding velocity and variety of data from structured and unstructured sources (including Hadoop) are changing the data landscape and what companies are doing to address this challenge. He’ll be briefed by George Corugedo of RedPoint Global, who will showcase how users are adopting his company’s platform for improving the way data is transformed and delivered across a hybrid data environment. He’ll discuss several real-world examples of this new era for data, and how your company can benefit.




The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor and Aerospike

Contain Yourself: Development Just Got Easier

Today’s enterprise is brimming with all kinds of opportunities. With vast data sources and cutting-edge technologies, new types of applications are being invented in droves. To cultivate the forward momentum, organizations must provide a fast, reliable environment that empowers innovation and reduces complexity.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he discusses the relevance of containers for application and services development. He’ll be briefed by Alvin Richards of Aerospike, who will highlight his company’s flash-optimized, high performance NoSQL database. He will provide a demo showcasing how Docker can simplify building and deploying multi-node Aerospike applications.



The Briefing Room with Dez Blachfield and Sisense

Simple Is Better: A Clear Path to Analytics

Today’s data landscape may be complex, but that doesn’t mean the analytical process should be. Across the board, business users and power analysts alike want the simple life. They want to analyze and explore data sets of all shapes and sizes, from a whole range of sources, without spending hours or days doing basic prep work. And they’d rather not have to learn five different tools to get their work done.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield explain why simple is better for business intelligence and analytics. He’ll be briefed by Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense, who will showcase his company’s end-to-end analytics platform. He’ll demonstrate how some of the largest companies in the world are using Sisense to greatly simplify their analytical workflow, saving time and money, while also reducing errors and improving the quality of insights.



The Briefing Room with Dez Blachfield and HPE Big Data

The Analyzer of Everything: Going Far and Wide

When you know better, you do better. That’s a perfect mantra for the data-driven enterprise. Understanding what’s happening anywhere in your company’s purview opens doors to innovation, excellence and profit. Today, a confluence of next-generation technologies enables this kind of synergy. Analytics can be done anywhere, with data sets that are increasingly accessible and valuable.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield explain the sea change taking place now in the world of enterprise analytics. He’ll demonstrate how open-source technologies like Apache Kafka can be combined with proven analytical databases to create a new world of possibilities. He’ll briefed by Chuck Bear of HPE Big Data, who will showcase his company’s time-tested Vertica platform for deep analytics.




The Briefing Room with Dez Blachfield and Zoomdata

Lightning-Fast Visual Analytics for Big Data and Beyond

The world moves faster every single day, or so it seems. The companies that stay on top of what’s happening will prevail. But the analytical tools of yesteryear just won’t cut the mustard. Today’s savvy analysts need lightning-fast visualizations of data big and small. A whole new approach to this challenge is fundamentally changing the game.

Register for this episode of the Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield as he discusses how today’s data diversity can provide a wealth of enterprise opportunities. He’ll be briefed by Ruhollah Farchtchi of Zoomdata, who will showcase his company’s modern analytics solutions. He will explain how an architecture built on streaming principles can provide fast visual analysis over Big Data.



The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor and Diyotta

Modern Data Integration: A Unified Approach for a Distributed Landscape

In this digital age, data grows exponentially in practically every industry. Organizations need access to these diverse sets of data to gain actionable insights into their business processes and leapfrog over their competitors. Data integration is a key component of every analytics project. The legacy data integration systems were not designed to solve the modern challenges arising from the volume, velocity and the variety of data. A new approach must be embraced, one that involves the enterprise standards of yesterday, bolstered by the innovations of today.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor explain how a modern data integration approach can unify nearly all data across the enterprise, and thus transform the business of information design. He’ll be briefed by Ravindra Punuru, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Diyotta, who will showcase modern data integration solution which is designed ground-up for modern data architecture, enabling organizations to generates immediate and long-term value from their Big Data investments with a single solution.



The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor, Dez Blanchfield, Teradata and HPE Security – Data Security

Intruder Alert: The Promise and Threat of IoT

Yes, the Internet of Things offers tremendous promise: exciting new consumer products, terabytes of streaming data for insights and immediate problem-solving, whole new lines of business. But the risks are beyond significant. Self-driving cars gone awry, medical procedures altered for nefarious reasons, enterprise systems penetrated from distant end points — all of these are possible, even probable, without an effective security framework in place. What can be done?

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Dez Blanchfield discuss both the opportunities and the risks facing your enterprise and your customers in the immediate future. Joining the discussion will be Jay Irwin, Director Teradata InfoSec Center of Expertise, who speaks from deep experience with enterprise use cases and initiatives in Big Data and IoT. Reiner Kappenberger, Global Product Management, HPE Security – Data Security will share his perspectives on innovative new technologies that enable security at a data-centric level to mitigate risks even while enabling business agility and opportunity.




The Briefing Room with Mike Ferguson, Dez Blanchfield and Teradata

The New Movement: Bringing Analytics to the Data

The speed of business today calls for serious investment in advanced analytics. Many of the critical decisions that drive innovation must be made within shorter time windows than ever. That requires an architectural approach that brings the analytics to the data, not the other way around. Technologies like in-memory and in-database analytics can make this happen, thus expediting time to value, and giving companies a competitive edge for data-driven decisions.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield and veteran Analyst Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies, as they outline the trajectory of analytical capabilities for today’s most cutting-edge organizations. They’ll be briefed by Tho Nguyen of Teradata, who will demonstrate how in-database and in-memory solutions can tackle a wide range of analytical needs across numerous industries. He’ll also explain how these new architectures can minimize data movement, improve data governance and greatly enhance analytics performance.



The Briefing Room with Claudia Imhoff, Dez Blanchfield and HPE Big Data Software

Details Matter - Getting It Right with High-Powered Analytics

Speed and scale are table stakes these days. Successful analysts need more than that. They need a solution tailored not just to their needs, but to the policies and standards of their organization as well. And there are many flavors to choose from: on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, on-demand. Some companies want to sweat the details of data preparation; others just want to dive right in. How can you be sure to get the setup you need?

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analysts Claudia Imhoff and Dez Blanchfield as they explain the gritty details of what today’s savvy business analysts really need. They’ll be briefed by HPE Vertica, who will showcase the company’s range of Big Data analytical offerings, from the Community Edition to the full-featured Vertica Analytics Platform, delivered on-premise, on the cloud, and even on Hadoop. They’ll talk specifically about Vertica OnDemand cloud-based analytics, Vertica for SQL on Hadoop, and a number of success stories from the HPE Big Data Marketplace.



The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor, Dez Blanchfield and Novetta

Matrices of Meaning: Connecting the Dots within Hadoop

As reality sets in, many organizations realize that the Data Lake concept is incomplete. Somehow, order must be woven into the picture. Discovery must be enabled. And the traditional methods for providing that type of structure just won’t work with this new approach. A state-of-the-art platform is required to achieve the necessary framework, one in which meaningful connections can be drawn between business processes and Big Data.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analysts Dr. Robin Bloor and Dez Blanchfield, as they outline the keys to success in managing enterprise Hadoop. They’ll be briefed by Jennifer Reed of Novetta, who will demonstrate how her platform enables analysts to design valuable matrices of meaning within their Hadoop implementations. She’ll show how a whole new set of possibilities can help companies fine-tune their processes and create fresh revenue streams.




The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor, Dez Blanchfield and BOARD Americas

All Aboard: The New Battle Cry for Pervasive Analytics

The data-driven era has arrived. Organizations of all shapes and sizes now recognize the value of using trusted information assets for decision-making. One of the biggest remaining challenges hinges on the uniqueness of every business. Cookie-cutter approaches for analytics and corporate performance management will always fall short. That’s why the tools and methods used by companies must be aligned with specific business models.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, who will explain why a flexible platform for business intelligence, financial management and analytics is a must-have for today’s organizations. He’ll be briefed by Scott Jennings of BOARD Americas, who will showcase Board 10, his company’s mature platform for analytics. He’ll extol the virtues of an all-encompassing technology stack and explain why versatility remains a key value-add for his customers.



The Briefing Room with HPE Security – Data Security, William McKnight and Dez Blanchfield

The Great Divide: Bridging the Cloud with On-Prem Systems

The information landscape now spreads to the farthest corners of earth, and sky. On-prem systems are increasingly tethered to cloud-based platforms. In between all these touchpoints, a tremendous chasm must be traversed efficiently and safely. With a mountain of sensitive data flowing back and forth daily, a new era of durable, secure data delivery systems must evolve.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst William McKnight as he discusses the evolution of enterprise cloud adoption. He’ll be joined by cloud security expert Dez Blanchfield, who will explain why aging infrastructure cannot handle the stress of today’s workloads. The two analysts will then be briefed by Farshad Ghazi of HPE Security – Data Security, who will explain how his company addresses secure data movement to and from the cloud.