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Robin Bloor and Algebraix

The Algebra of Data Warehousing

Can a new algebra simplify information management? Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to find out! Renowned IT Analyst Robin Bloor will brief Chris Piedmonte, CTO and Glenn Hout, VP of Algebraix Data. Topics to be addressed include: how this algebra could revolutionize the traditional data warehousing model; how it can recast the query process; why ETL is not necessary; how the product’s design can be data-model agnostic; how it self-tunes by creating new algebraic functions for each new query; why it’s ideal for real-time analytics.


Jos van Dongen and ParAccel

Performance and Choice for High Powered Analytics

The number of analytic databases on the market today speaks to the remarkable demand for high-powered analytics. The big question is: Which product fills which niche? Industry visionary Jos van Dongen knows from experience that such specialized databases each have strengths and weaknesses. So, where does the ParAccel Analytic Database fit? PADB is columnar-based, and uses massively parallel processing (MPP). CTO Barry Zane says the product was designed for performance and scalability, and he touts its enterprise deployment and SAN integration as market-leading. So, how well does it perform against complex SQL workloads? How does it handle advanced analytics, including complex SQL and non-SQL add-ins? How can you access its power thru your BI tool? If scalability is a major advantage, what’s the biggest database it’s handling now? Get the answers to these and other questions in this episode of The Briefing Room!


Rajeev Rawat and Sybase IQ

Flexibility and Performance: Staples for the Functional Data Warehouse

How can decision support move beyond the data warehouse? Maybe that’s why IBM would pay $1.7 billion for Netezza — part of the answer is performance. Many DW programs remain troubled by inflexibility and performance challenges. What can solve this? The TwinFin? How does Sybase IQ stack up to the other approaches? Now part of SAP, Sybase has the leverage of a global ERP powerhouse. What does that mean for end users? What’s the time to value? What are reasonable expectations for speed and usability? Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to find out! Rawat, who outlined IBM’s Dynamic Warehouse strategy before there was a DW industry, will brief Joydeep Das and Tom Traubitz from Sybase, two veterans of the specialty database market.


Rick Sherman and Talend

Master Data Management: Myth or Must Have?

The data integration challenge is greater than ever these days, as more source systems come online and business users demand greater access to the data they need. This increasingly heterogeneous environment calls for a more unified approach to data management, including improved transparency and governance. In this episode of The Briefing Room, veteran consultant Rick Sherman, author of the Data Doghouse, will offer his insights on where the integration space is headed. He’ll highlight lost opportunities that he often sees for sharing metadata, a critical component of data integration. He’ll then brief open-source upstart Talend, which offers a platform for data integration. They tout the value of a unified, purpose-built data management platform that combines data integration, data quality and master data management. They report thousands of customers (not all paying), and a strong community akin to most open-source movements.


Robin Bloor and Denodo

Next Gen Integration: Getting the Right Data at the Right Time

The next generation of integration involves creating an Enterprise Data Fabric, according to IT Analyst Robin Bloor. As data sources continue to proliferate, organizations are finding increasingly creative ways to get the right data to the right place on time. While the traditional heavy-lifting of ETL will remain center stage, there are a host of other ways to get the job done, including data federation and virtual data integration. How do these methods work? When should they be used?

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor explain how the integration landscape is changing, and to learn how you can take advantage of innovative techniques. Bloor will provide a framework for determining which type of integration should be applied where. He’ll then brief integration specialist Denodo Technologies, which touts an all-encompassing platform that services both structured and unstructured data. They boast compatibility with a whole range of data assets, including: relational databases; directory services; corporate/enterprise apps; XML, delimited files; hidden web; WOA, SOA apps; legacy apps; directory services; PDF, Office docs, email and more.


Robin Bloor and Informatica

Data Quality as the Cornerstone for MDM and Data Governance

Organizations are increasingly realizing the power of clean data, and the dangers of dirty data. The question remains: How can companies secure a strategic view of enterprise data? How can business and IT collaborate on defining, managing and delivering trusted information?

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran IT analyst Robin Bloor, along with Marina Grebenkova and Paul Power of Informatica. Bloor will offer insights on the value of an end-to-end data quality strategy, how improving data quality can drive successful MDM initiatives, and why Data Governance must focus on people and process, not just technology. Informatica will provide a detailed technical presentation (7 slides, 15 minutes), followed by an unscripted analyst briefing. A Q&A with all attendees and Tweeters completes this 1-hour Webcast. Informatica Data Quality capabilities deliver unified, role-specific tools for both business and IT stakeholders. Workflow functionality is designed to promote proactive collaboration for identifying and resolving data quality issues. Data quality objects are centralized and re-usable, which means that standard data quality rules can be applied to all applications within an organization.