Inside Analysis

The Briefing Room

Step inside the analyst’s chamber to learn how today’s enterprise technology really works. In The Briefing Room, you can watch, then participate, in a formal Web-based Analyst Briefing. The purpose of this show is to reveal the essential characteristics of enterprise software solutions. All episodes are broadcast on Tuesdays @ 4 ET.

Each Episode Features

  • a 5-minute topical intro by Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh
  • a 20-minute technical presentation by an innovative vendor 
  • a 5-minute response by a renowned industry analyst
  • a 15-minute briefing with the analyst: classic back-and-forth
  • a 15-minute Q&A involving all attendees and Tweeters
  • a 5-minute wrap-up of key elucidations from the show

Rules of Engagement

  • Topics, vendors and analysts are chosen by The Bloor Group
  • Chosen vendors submit 7-10 slides one week prior to their episode
  • At least one slide must depict the solution’s architecture
  • Up to two execs may represent a vendor; one must be technical
  • Vendor must answer all questions, either live or within one week
  • Anyone can submit questions during the live event

For more information, or to secure a slot on The Briefing Room, please contact David Boone.