Inside Analysis

Hot Technologies

This webcast series features independent analysts and a guest vendor we’ve identified as having innovative or disruptive technology. This show seeks to distill buzzwords and help organizations make smart purchasing decisions.

Each Episode Includes

  • Two analysts who offer their unique perspectives on the “hot” topic
  • Vendor presentation about what its solution does, why it was designed a certain way and how their customers are using it
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Extensive Q&A

Upcoming Episode

Comming soon!

For more information, or to secure a slot on Hot Technologies, please contact David Boone.

2016 Editorial Calendar

The technology landscape grows by the day, with new devices, new software,  and new platforms rolling out all the time. Keeping tabs on an
Thursday, Apr. 21 @ 4 ET The need to react quickly only continues to increase. Decision cycles can now occur in minutes. Traditional meth
No one wants to pay for something that isn’t being used. In the database world, this boils down to unnecessary licenses, usually for SQL S
Wednesday, Jun. 22 @ 4ET Analysts can do amazing things when they have the right data. Add to the mix some machine learning and artificia
Advanced analytics can yield powerful insights, but only when leveraged by the organization. Data mining and predictive algorithms can gener
As the information economy matures, companies in all industries realize the critical importance of data. Whether for analytics or operations
The data is staggering: breaches of epic proportion continue to rock the business world. Massive amounts of personal information have been h
The best business analysts understand the value of having a "conversation" with their data. The idea is that they can pose queries, examine
Smart companies know that business intelligence surfaces insights. With complex analytics, data mining and everything in between, it takes m

2015 Editorial Calendar