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Time Is of the Essence: Analyzing Raw Data in Real Time

Traditional data warehouse projects are known for developing slowly. Adding new data sources often requires detailed mapping; reports can take hours to generate; and complex queries can jam up the system. In today’s real-time world, business analysts don’t have the luxury of such latencies and challenges—nor can they afford the weeks it typically takes to build new analytical applications. They need solutions that enable detailed analysis of data quickly and efficiently. Has the next generation of analytical systems finally arrived?

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor discuss the importance of real-time architectures in today’s business world. He’ll be briefed by Osama Elkady, who will explain how his company’s method for ingesting large amounts of relational data enables extremely fast analytics and how it can aggregate large volumes of complex data without a data warehouse. He’ll show that by eliminating the need for pre-aggregation and batch processing, users can enjoy sub-second queries over large, sophisticated sets of business data, thus providing real-time insights that can improve the business.

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