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Edge Analytics: The IoT Economy at Last

The digital economy allows for new work in new ways. As advances in technology continually improve scale and performance, the ability to tap into sensor and machine data changes the game across the ecosystem. From real-time decision-making to predictive maintenance, device management to customer relations, the range of newly possible scenarios is vast. Getting to this reality will require that organizations embrace the Internet of Things and the need for intelligent solutions to manage these complex environments.

Watch this episode of Hot Technologies to learn from Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield as they discuss the widening spectrum of IoT use cases. They’ll be briefed by Shawn Rogers of Dell Statistica, who will showcase his company’s edge analytics solution. He will explain how pushing analytic models across the network conserves resources and provides greater access, management and flexibility, thus paving the way for an IoT-enabled future.



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