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TechWise is a New Media program designed to provide valuable industry analysis of the tools and technologies that turn data into usable information. Forged by an alliance of The Bloor Group and Techopedia, each episode of TechWise will feature an expert analyst who will distill all the marketing spin to help end users understand where, when, how and why to use the latest in enterprise software.


  • Host Eric Kavanagh, CEO of The Bloor Group, will give a five-minute overview of the topic, why it’s important, and what forces are currently driving innovation in that space.
  • Dr. Robin Bloor will deliver a 20-minute detailed presentation that explains the nuts and bolts of a particular technology space, such as Hadoop, Data Virtualization, Data Visualization, or any number of other salient topics. 
  • A second industry analyst will offer a 5-10 minute response to Dr. Bloor’s vision, providing perspective on the technology being discussed.
  • Sponsors (up to 4) will get five minutes each to explain their take on that technology space: what they do, how they do it, and what makes their product special.
  • The host will moderate the extended Q&A when audience members may ask questions of any presenter.
  • A complete slide deck with all the shared materials will be given to each registrant.
  • After the show, a transcript will be published at, as will a range of sound-byte pieces of audio-visual content.






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The Key to Big Data Analytics — Understanding ‘Different’

Featuring Dr. Robin Bloor and Mike Ferguson

The big deal with Big Data revolves more around variety than size, especially for companies that hope to harness the value of “Big” analytics. New data sources and Big Data analytical workloads have extended the realm of traditional analysis with new and innovative platforms. As a result, the Big Data ecosystem continues to expand and evolve at a remarkable rate, opening up a world of new possibilities.

Register for Episode IV of TechWise to learn from two of the most knowledgeable analysts in this burgeoning space: Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies, and Dr. Robin Bloor of The Bloor Group. Each will offer their perspective on how companies can design their Big Data Analytics programs to make use of this plentiful new resource. The analysts will then be briefed by two of the most innovative companies in the analytics space: SAS Institute and RedPoint Global.

An extended roundtable discussion will follow, including a Q&A with all audience members. Register now and don’t miss the live show!

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The Cloud Imperative – What, Why, When and How?

Featuring Dr. Robin Bloor and Gilbert Van Cutsem

Regardless of where you stand in the enterprise, Cloud Computing has arrived. From the analytics that drive dynamic change, to the operational systems that keep the business humming; from the predictive models that improve results, to the database systems that underpin the most advanced infrastructure in history — the Cloud now challenges the status quo in every corner of the enterprise.

Watch this episode of TechWise to hear veteran Analysts Dr. Robin Bloor of The Bloor Group and Gilbert Van Cutsem, as they explain how today’s cutting edge Cloud solutions can deliver enterprise caliber software like never before. They’ll discuss best practices for moving to the Cloud, and offer insights for enabling intelligent hybrid architectures that can connect data, systems and business processes.

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How Can Analytics Improve Business?

Featuring Dr. Robin Bloor and Dr. Kirk Borne

Analytical applications are everywhere these days, and for good reason. Organizations large and small are using analytics to better understand any aspect of their business: customers, processes, behaviors, even competitors. There are several critical success factors for using analytics effectively: 1) know which kind of apps make sense for your company; 2) figure out which data sets you can use, both internal and external; 3) determine optimal roles and responsibilities for your team; 4) identify where you need help, either by hiring new employees or using consultants 5) manage your program effectively over time. 

Register for this episode of TechWise to learn from two of the most experienced analysts in the business: Dr. Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst of The Bloor Group, and Dr. Kirk Borne, Data Scientist, George Mason University. Each will provide their perspective on how companies can address each of the key success factors in building, refining and using analytics to improve their business. There will then be an extensive Q&A session in which attendees can ask detailed questions of our experts and get answers in real time. Registrants will also receive a consolidated deck of slides, not just from the main presenters, but also from a variety of software vendors who provide targeted solutions.




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What is Hadoop and 
Where is it Going?

Featuring Dr. Robin Bloor and Ray Wang

Few innovations over the past 40 years compare to the hype or significance of Hadoop. But despite the vast array of software vendors touting their Hadoop strategy, very few businesses have yet to fully wrap their heads around what this development means, or where it’s going. Register for this inaugural episode of TechWise to hear veteran IT Analyst, Dr. Robin Bloor explain how Hadoop is vastly different from Linux or SOA, and why its future remains largely unwritten. He will be joined by Constellation Research Founder Ray Wang, who will provide his perspective on the Hadoop landscape. They will then take questions from the audience about any facet of this transformative trend. 


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