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TechWise is a New Media program designed to provide valuable industry analysis of the tools and technologies that turn data into usable information. Forged by an alliance of The Bloor Group and Techopedia, each episode of TechWise will feature an expert analyst who will distill all the marketing spin to help end users understand where, when, how and why to use the latest in enterprise software.


  • Host Eric Kavanagh, CEO of The Bloor Group, will give a five-minute overview of the topic, why it’s important, and what forces are currently driving innovation in that space.
  • Dr. Robin Bloor will deliver a 20-minute detailed presentation that explains the nuts and bolts of a particular technology space, such as Hadoop, Data Virtualization, Data Visualization, or any number of other salient topics. 
  • A second industry analyst will offer a 5-10 minute response to Dr. Bloor’s vision, providing perspective on the technology being discussed.
  • Sponsors (up to 4) will get five minutes each to explain their take on that technology space: what they do, how they do it, and what makes their product special.
  • The host will moderate the extended Q&A when audience members may ask questions of any presenter.
  • A complete slide deck with all the shared materials will be given to each registrant.
  • After the show, a transcript will be published at, as will a range of sound-byte pieces of audio-visual content.

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For more information, or to secure a slot on TechWise, please contact Mary Jo Nott.

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