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examples_missionThe Bloor Group provides detailed analysis of today’s enterprise software industry. Co-founded by Dr. Robin Bloor and Eric Kavanagh, the company leverages web-based multimedia to deliver vendor-neutral education that reveals the essential characteristics of information technologies. The Bloor Group galvanizes the industry’s independent analysts to provide valuable insights via innovative webcasts, research programs, educational events, white papers and related products.

As a New Media Analyst firm, The Bloor Group delivers that clarity through a spectrum of products and services designed to achieve two simultaneous goals:

  1. Educate business professionals on the array of technologies and methods available for managing information
  2. Provide innovative vendors with the resources and tools they need to selectively design, promote and sell enterprise software and services

Transparency pervades everything we do at The Bloor Group. Achieving that vision calls for more than just first-class technology analysis. It requires a commitment to the creation of meaningful content generated by a range of innovative media formats that tease out valuable kernels of information and wisdom.

The Bloor Group audience spans 85 countries, more than 100,000 Twitter followers, 40,000 valid email addresses, and 10,000 LinkedIn connections. The vast majority of audience members are in North America, though our presence in Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East is strong and growing.

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examples_BRDesigned for the busy professional who’s looking to make a smart enterprise software purchase, The Briefing Room features live briefings with innovative vendors and independent analysts. The show boasts industry-leading live attendance of ~70%, with an average of 225 registrants per show and a range of 175-450. Audience members are very active in the Q&A, stretching the show to 70 minutes.

2016 Editorial Calendar

January: Cloud
Any solution that delivers public, private or hybrid cloud computing

February: Analytics
Analytics, advanced analytics and machine learning

March: Big Data
Products that manage the analysis, processing or movement of big data

April: Database / Analytic Platforms
Any innovative database or database technology

May: Data Preparation
Products that facilitate accurate and timely data analysis and processing

June: Data Science / Advanced Analytics
Data mining, predictive analytics, advanced analytics and knowledge discovery

July: Data Lakes
Products that enable the creation, deployment and management of data lakes

August: Hadoop / Spark
Solutions that leverage Hadoop and Spark

September: Streaming and Data Flow
Real-time analysis of data on the fly

October: Discovery / Visualization
Products that enable intelligence with compelling visuals and graphics

November: Internet of Things
Solutions that build or manage a network of connected devices

December: Semantics
Any application that leverages semantic technology for data management or analysis

2015 Editorial Calendar

January: Hadoop Ecosystem
Platforms and tools that leverage or enhance enterprise Hadoop

February: Data in Motion
Products that manage the movement, processing or analysis of data in motion

March: Business Analytics & BI
Solutions that address business needs for analytics and intelligence

April: Big Data
Products that manage the movement, processing or analysis of Big Data

May: Discovery
Products that enable intelligence with compelling visuals and graphics

June: Innovators
Cutting edge solutions, including technology for the Internet of Things

July: Database Innovation
Any innovative database or database technology, including SQL & NoSQL

August: Real-time Data
Solutions that provide management or analytics on real-time data

September: Hadoop 2.0
Platforms and tools that leverage Hadoop as well as YARN and/or Tez

October: Data Management
Platforms and tools for accessing, moving, replicating or transforming data 

November: Analytics
Advanced analytics, business intelligence, machine learning and semantics

December: Innovators
Catch-all category for any software vendor doing innovative things

Contact David Boone for more information

examples_HotTechCreated to help information managers better understand specific disciplines or technology trends, Hot Technologies features two independent industry analysts offering their take on what constitutes a particular type of solution.

A sponsoring vendor then details their technology, explaining how their solution meets the definition outlined by the analysts. A roundtable discussion ensues for 10 minutes, followed by a detailed analyst and audience Q&A.

Contact David Boone for more information

The Inside Analysis Tech Lab showcases the design, production and use of enterprise applications that solve real-world challenges. Each Tech Lab project features a Data Scientist who works with an innovative software vendor to create a solution that leverages data, big and small, in order to deliver meaningful results.

The process typically spans three months, and begins with a brainstorming session, then works through a series of steps to identify, capture, prepare, and ultimately integrate appropriate data sets. The solution can incorporate any number of enterprise technologies, and use any type of data. The key is to demonstrate how each step along the way is accomplished.

Components Like a story, every successful project has a beginning, middle and end. The Tech Lab demonstrates this through a series of Webcasts and blogs that tell the tale of the solution: 

    1) Initial Webcast defines the business challenge, objectives, tools, methods and overall strategy

    2) Second Webcast, a month later, explains in detail key aspects of how the project is progressing

    3) Final Webcast shows the solution, offers insights about lessons learned and ideas for the future

Additionally, the Data Scientist and team will write a series of at least five blogs throughout the three-month period, offering perspectives on tactics employed, hurdles encountered, solutions designed and other related topics. These articles will run every other week throughout the campaign.

Finally, a five-page white paper will summarize key components of the project, explaining how specific challenges were overcome, and providing advice on how organizations can incorporate various strategies and tactics to achieve enterprise success. 

Sponsor Benefits Sponsors of the Tech Lab receive a whole package of benefits, including lead generation from all three Webcasts, plus exposure via the final White Paper and the blogs. The articles, Webcasts and White Paper will all be featured at, and also in The Bloor Group’s weekly eNewsletter.

Sponsor Deliverables Tech Lab sponsors must provide all necessary software licenses and be prepared to help with hosting and infrastructure costs. Sponsors should ideally make at least one engineer available for an hour each month for support. Sponsors may also assist in choosing the business challenges and data sets.

For more information, contact David Boone.

Open Source continues to transform enterprise software at a remarkable rate. Keeping up with significant developments is a serious challenge, even for analysts. The Web Portal will help today’s data-driven professionals stay on top of all the latest. A combination of media programs will dovetail to explain the impact that projects are having on the world of modern business. Monthly Webcasts will complement detailed articles, in-depth podcasts and other presentations in order to provide a strategic view of this dynamic movement.

The beating heart of this portal will be a fully interactive, highly visual development map that will tell the story of Open Source. An ontology of the industry will underpin the visual representation. Several layers of content will provide a multidimensional view of the people, projects and impacts of Open Source. These layers will include:

Projects – What are the projects? Bigtop, Drill, Falcon, Ignite, Spark, Storm, etc.
Personnel – Who’s working on each project: current committers and serious contributors
Functionality – Details of what the tools actually do, within the context of business processes
Software – References to which traditional enterprise software products are affected
Industries – Explanation of how various projects impact specific verticals

Monthly Webcasts will provide a window into the most salient developments. The Webcasts will have a News Magazine format, and will feature video introductions combined with traditional presentations. The format will be something like this:

0:00 – 5:00 – Opening Segment: News Desk with all the latest developments
5:01 – 10:00 – Introduction of Analyst who will overview the projects of the month
10:01 – 25:00  – Presentation about the projects: technical and business issues will be explored
25:01 – 35:00 – Discussion of impact with Analyst and other Guest Speakers, radio-style
35:01 – 50:00 – Interaction with attendees via LinkedIn, Twitter and Web Platform
50:01 – 60:00 – Panel discussion and closing comments, teasers for upcoming events

Each archived episode will feature additional post-production, adding bumpers, voiceover and other polishing. Several segments will also be carved out based upon editorial value, and placed on YouTube, then promoted via Twitter and LinkedIn. Attention will be paid to which videos gain traction, and efforts will be made to leverage momentum and ideally get some to go viral.

An Editorial Board will guide the direction of, making suggestions on which projects should be featured. Webcasts will take place mid-month, with the exception of December and January. Podcasts and other radio-style programming will run monthly. The site will be designed to enable publishing by anyone who wishes to get involved.

For pricing or more information, contact David Boone 908.400.8730

examples_newsletterVendors can purchase traditional advertising in the InsideAnalysis weekly eNewsletter, Advance. This email hits a list of 35,000 emails each Monday around Noon ET. Promotions for Webcasts, White Papers and other content are augmented by a separate list, which includes an additional 5,000 emails.

Advance Newsletter:

  • Top of right-hand column, 50 words of text, logo and URL
  • Third entry in the main column, 75 words of text,  logo and URL 

Dedicated email blast:

  • Targeted email blast to database and analysts list (15,000 names)
  • Targeted email blast to entire list (35,000 names)

Contact David Boone for more information

examples_PWWe gather much of our information from technology briefings we take from a wide variety of vendors. Sometimes, when an offering notably piques our interest, we will write a short Product Watch that details the nuts and bolts of the technology, including reasons why potential clients might find value.

These 2-3 page reports generally offer a high level view of the solution.

Contact David Boone for more information

examples_WhitePaperWriting white papers is an activity in which we take particular pride and have a wealth of experience. The key to success with white papers is quality, talented writing, good illustration and expert articulation. If it fails to inform, it won’t get the message across and if the editorial and production quality is low, it probably won’t get read.

The white paper process includes the following stages: 

  • Agreement on structure, content and flow
  • Detailed technology briefing
  • Production of a complete first draft, including illustrations
  • Revisions
  • Final draft in PDF

We take a decidedly focused approach to creating these publications. Each white paper receives the full attention of a well-respected analyst and follows The Bloor Group methodology, which involves a detailed SWOT assessment of a product or service. This assessment takes into consideration market conditions and competition, in an effort to help organizations articulate their unique value propositions clearly and thoughtfully.

Turnaround time is approximately 8 to 10 weeks and can vary depending on length. 

Contact David Boone for more information

examples_WhitePaperSometimes a vendor only wishes to commission a short paper, or an Executive Brief. These papers are intensely focused and offer either a high level view of the technology, or a targeted description of one aspect of the technology. 

Contact David Boone for more information

The Bloor Group also offers educational, research and consulting services such as:

  • Keynotes and Educational Presentations
  • Technology Consultancy
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Surveys/Research Reports

Contact David Boone for more information