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VisionWaves understands the complexities that businesses face today. That’s why they have put a valuable management ontology in a model-driven platform that fits existing Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Operational Intelligence and ERP solutions  and converges into an integrated management  layer for enterprise intelligence, collaboration and performance management.

It’s the mission of VisionWaves to help managers anticipate and deal with the most critical operational and strategic business decisions to improve their business performance and bridge the business/IT gap.

Business today is as much about purpose as it is about profit. VisionWaves provides companies with the practical knowledge they need to improve performance and make a difference, helping with immediate decisions while visualizing the impact on the big picture. 

The VisionWaves software:

  • Delivers integrated Enterprise Intelligence
  • Connects to any source or third-party tool
  • Uses connected cockpits for enterprise-wide collaboration

Core capabilities: Enterprise Intelligence: Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Operational Intelligence, Risk and Compliance

Product Watch

The capabilities of software usually end where management begins. An application even one which has a very broad area of application, like an ERP suite, will have been written to deliver a good deal of well-considered functionality. And if it is well implemented, it should be possible for an organization to exploit its capabilities. But most software applications do not concern themselves much with how the organization is run, they simply provide the capability.

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