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vendor_logo_spacecurveThe SpaceCurve real-time platform is for organizations that want to quickly transform big data into value. SpaceCurve ingests, fuses and analyzes Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, spatial, sensor, weather, social media, historical and other data to deliver immediately actionable intelligence at petabyte scales. With SpaceCurve, larger volumes, higher velocities and wider varieties of data than ever before can be immediately fused to create real-time models of reality.

SpaceCurve gives organizations the capacity they need for next-generation big data applications and services. Here’s why:

  • Immediate insights at petabyte scales. SpaceCurve transforms massive volumes of high velocity data into real-time insights. Conventional database technologies can’t handle this workload.
  • Roundtrip real-time performance. SpaceCurve concurrently captures, fuses and analyzes multiple layers of streaming and historical information in real time. No other technology can deliver end-to-end real–time performance.
  • Data agnostic. SpaceCurve handles all data types in one platform. No specialized databases required.
  • Record-breaking geospatial operations. SpaceCurve indexes and analyzes complex geospatial polygons as quickly as they come in – at rates of millions per second, petabytes per day. Other spatial databases can’t come close.
  • Linear scalability on commodity clusters. SpaceCurve cost-effectively scales on commodity hardware. That means petabytes — even exabytes — of data will always be available for new applications and services.

Big data in the future will put unrelenting demands on existing technologies. Most will not perform. SpaceCurve will.

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