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vendor_logo_skytreeSkytree Server is a Hadoop-ready enterprise machine learning platform designed for high performance advance analytics. It connects with the existing IT infrastructures, and can be configured to accept data streams from multiple sources and compute near-instantaneous results (including real-time queries) on each one. The resulting analytics are returned through the same channels. Skytree also offers PowerPacks, modules that are plugged into the Skytree Server Foundation. PowerPacks add considerable speed and performance to the Skytree Server Foundation, through the introduction of optimizations to traditional machine learning methods and through extremely accurate modeling controls.

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The profession of data scientist is new, in fact so new that it would be wrong to call it a profession; it is more like a job description that heralds a new profession. Yet the magic that we expect from this new profession is well understood. We expect data scientists to dig into terabytes or even petabytes of data and extract the pure gold of actionable intelligence from it. And this will indeed become gold if it reduces operational costs or reveals new business opportunities. So what tools do the data scientists need that they don’t already have?

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