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vendor_logo_pneuronPneuron provides a deployment and technology agnostic “Distributed Platform” that configures, deploys and manages highly interoperable, non-invasive, distributed components. With it, Pneuron customers are solving complex business problems without the need for a centralized database, data integration, application replacement or infrastructure requirements. As a result, Pneuron’s Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare customers are visually developing and deploying business solutions in less than 50 percent of the time and cost of traditional methods. 

Product Watch

It has long been believed that the best way to harness corporate data is to pour a great quantity of it into a large, powerful and expensive database, and then bombard it with queries to serve a wide variety of BI and analytic applications. If this mighty data hub starts to wilt under the pressure, then you buy more powerful hardware, or build data marts to offload some of the work, or do both. An inevitable side effect to this game plan is the birth of a data integration project to establish and manage the passage of raw data from multiple sources into the burgeoning data mountain – and this data integration project must grow to maturity before the much anticipated business benefits can be mined.


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