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vendor_logo_vitriaVitria Operational Intelligence is an OI platform that combines continuous, real-time analytics™ on Big Data, streaming events and business processes to enable immediate action. The first elastically scalable Operational Intelligence platform, Vitria can address continuous, real-time Big Data challenges of any size, with ease.

Vitria Operational Intelligence delivers continuous, real-time analytics™ on both Big Data in motion and Big Data at rest. With Vitria OI, business users and/or data scientists can compare, combine and correlate a wide variety of data sources from high volume network events to social media streams to Hadoop implementations. A key part of the “Extended Data Warehouse” architecture, Vitria Operational Intelligence simplifies the streaming of data, events and analytic results to and from Big Data stores.

Vitria’s unified Operational Intelligence platform includes an intelligent BPM engine to provide Advanced Process Intelligence for the continuous, real-time monitoring, measurement and improvement of business process outcomes. With Vitria OI, users gain visibility into hidden and broken processes as well as insight from a real-time, 360-degree view of customers and the business. Continuous, real-time analytics™, SLA’s and KPIs can then be visualized, monitored and acted on, all in a single, live dashboard.

Designed for the business user, Vitria empowers businesses and their partners to create innovative applications and solutions to continuously analyze business activities, in the proper context. The results include faster, better decision making and accelerated action. Vitria is available on-premise or in the Cloud.

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Vitria prefers the term Operational Intelligence (OI) to real-time business systems partly because it considers real time to actually mean “sub-second” response time, and OI fairly obviously means delivering intelligence to applications as they are executing. Thus OI distinguishes itself from Business Intelligence (BI), because OI is real time, continuous and actionable whereas the results of BI are, at best, a static snapshot on demand and are not necessarily put into action. OI is only OI if the intelligence gathered is put into action.

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