Inside Analysis


SQLstream is a streaming Big Data analytics platform for turning unstructured log, sensor and other machine-generated data into operational intelligence in real time. SQLstream also integrates tightly with external Big Data storage platforms and systems, sharing streaming intelligence continuously and in real time across the enterprise. Why is SQLstream so fast? SQLstream is a “NoDatabase” technology; no data is stored, instead data arrives as real-time streams and is processed in memory using continuous SQL queries. Standard SQL is transformed into a new paradigm for massively parallel streaming data processing, unlocking the power and value of today’s multicore, multiblade servers and enabling applications to be deployed in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of alternative Big Data analytics solutions.

The SQLstream engine is s-Server (v 3.0). It is lock-free as no latency is incurred through data locks. New functionality (ETL, alerting and analytics) can be added while the system is running. The engine will simply adjust the flow of processing and, if needed, new server nodes can be added.

SQLstream also offers s-Analyzer, built on s-Server, that is targeted specifically at advanced operational intelligence from log and machine data. It supports sophisticated analysis of high velocity data, continuous integration, real-time visualization plus application development without coding.

SQLstream s-Transport is a business-specific geospatial analytics application that links transportation sensor networks and GPS data with traveler information, providing real-time insight into travel issues for road traffic networks, railroads, shipping and other transportation networks. SQLstream’s s-Studio is a management capability that can be used with all of SQLstream’s components.