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BDE_actian_logoActian Corporation enables organizations to transform big data into business value with data management solutions to transact, analyze, and take automated action across their business operations. Actian helps 10,000 customers worldwide take action on their big data with Action Apps; Vectorwise, the high-performance analytic database; Ingres, an independent mission-critical OLTP database; and Versant object-oriented databases.

The Vectorwise analytic database is a columnar ANSI SQL compliant relational database for building operational intelligence solutions. The Vectorwise analytic database delivers performance at a fraction of the hardware cost of other popular solutions. It is this combination of high-performance and affordability that is helping new and established companies achieve visibility and insight into their data, events and business operations.

Operational intelligence solutions built with Vectorwise provide organizations the ability to make decisions and immediately act on these analytic insights, through manual or automated actions. Vectorwise is certified with leading BI solutions: Tableau, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects,Yellowfin, Jaspersoft and Pentaho. Vectorwise is helping companies to create new business value by allowing organizations to exploit their big data for commercial success. Actian is headquartered in California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Melbourne.

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