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Operational Intelligence

What is Operational Intelligence?

Possibly the simplest way to think about Operation Intelligence (OI) is that it is Business Intelligence put into action. In reality it is distinctly different to what we usually understand as Business Intelligence in respect of the underlying technologies that are deployed and the overall architecture of data and process flows, but it can be viewed in that manner from a business perspective.

We can also view it from another slightly different perspective. You can think of BI as an analysis of what has been happening in some areas of a business in order to gather insight and ultimately adjust the way that a business works. You can think of OI as monitoring what is happening to the business right now, i.e. operationally, and responding to that immediately either manually or automatically. Thus Operational Intelligence can be characterized as the analysis of “event data” with a very low-latency reaction.

Technically OI products emphasize fast analysis and response. As such they need to manage data flows, data analysis and operational policy in order to ensure a fast response. There are many product which we believe fall into this category, and the number of vendors introducing new products or reengineering their capabilities to build applications of this ilk, is growing swiftly.


Operational Intelligence Directory

The Bloor Group invited all the vendors who use the term Operational Intelligence to brief us on their technology and show a demo of their solution. This OI Market Directory lists of all these companies as well as other component technologies we have discovered in our research.

The purpose of the Directory is to refine and reframe the definition of OI based on our research with these companies. Additionally, we hope you will learn more about the functionalities, capabilities and relationships of the various solutions which are providing the enabling technologies to process, deliver and analyze the data that impacts day-to-day operations and decision making in an organization.

Operational Intelligence Vendors