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When Hadoop came along, many information managers thought it would be the Holy Grail of big data management, not in the least because of its inexpensive physical cost. Organizations soon discovered, however, that putting Hadoop into production was easier said than done, largely because of the niche programming knowledge and the many complex components required to actually make it work. 

Over the last several years, Hadoop has matured beyond its infancy, and in response, myriad vendors have developed solutions to either make Hadoop easier to integrate and use with existing infrastructures, or circumvent Hadoop altogether. As data continues to grow exponentially and stream in from a variety of increasingly disparate sources, the savvy enterprise knows it must determine a big data strategy, now. But big data can only provide value if organizations employ the proper technologies and processes, and figuring out exactly which tools you’ll need can be a serious challenge.

That’s why we created this Big Data Ecosystem Marketplace Directory, to help our audience research the most promising and innovative tools available today. In this Directory, you’ll find live demos of tools that address nearly every aspect of the Big Data Ecosystem. Many of the vendors in this Directory have also done other work with The Bloor Group and InsideAnalysis, including white papers and webcasts, which you’ll find linked from the individual vendor pages.


Big Data Ecosystem Vendors