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Technically Speaking: Self-Service Analytics and Collaboration

Achieving self-service analytics requires tight collaboration between business users and their technical counterparts. Data sources, interfaces, business rules and governance guard rails must be designed to accommodate particular topical domains, and levels of expertise.

Check out this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Wayne Eckerson explain how self-service solutions should be designed and implemented. He’ll be briefed by Ellie Fields of Tableau Software who will discuss how to create, adjust and share visualizations that can help you understand and communicate your information effectively.

About Rebecca Jozwiak

Rebecca Jozwiak is Senior Analyst and Editor for The Bloor Group. She does research and writes publications on enterprise information management software, primarily on the topics of database technologies and analytics solutions. Having previously worked in the public sector, she has experience with computer networking, project management, technology training and teaching.

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