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A Unified Information Architecture

The worlds of Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics can seem at odds, but only because we have yet to fully experience comprehensive approach to managing big data – a Unified Big Data Architecture. The dynamics continue to change as vendors begin to emphasize the importance of leveraging SQL, engineering and operational skills, as well as incorporating novel uses of MapReduce to improve distributed analytic processing. Check out this episode of The Briefing Room to learn the value of taking a strategic approach for managing big data from veteran BI and data warehouse consultant Richard Hackathorn. He’ll be briefed by Chris Twogood of Teradata, who will outline his company’s recent advances in bridging the gap between Hadoop and SQL to unlock deeper insights and explain the role of Teradata Aster and SQL-MapReduce as a Discovery Platform for Hadoop environments.

About Rebecca Jozwiak

As Senior Editor and Analyst of The Bloor Group, Rebecca manages and produces both digital and written content. She publishes the Advance Newsletter along with the companion Live Webcast and Live Event emails; creates content for Bloor Group events; and serves as Producer for webcasts. Her Analyst duties include research and writing White Papers, Product Watch reports and blogs.

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